We all know that part of taking care of a tree is scheduling it from time to time to tree trimming and pruning to preserve it’s good shape and also to make sure that you are keeping your family away from harm. As you look at your tree, it’s obvious that it’s already a good time to trim out its branches. So you’re up to call a contractor that can do the job for you.


Joe’s Valdosta Tree Service has been providing, dependable tree removal, quality tree trimming and pruning services. All of their services are fully licensed and tree experts are trustworthy. You know that they will be the best contractor to work in trimming your trees.


So today, we are sharing some reasons why trimming your trees in winter is the best time of the year.


It Helps Maximize Your Tree’s Growth in the Spring


Much like bears, trees hibernate in the winter, and tree trimming is most effective while trees are dormant and saving their energy for the big growth cycle that begins in the spring. When you trim your trees in the winter, the wounds do not remain exposed for long before the rush of life that comes in the spring, which causes less trauma to your tree and encourages accelerated growth when the seasons change.


It Protects Your Trees From Pests


When you do your tree trimming during the warmer months, the wounds on your tree are exposed to insects and prone to infection. In some cases, these insects carry diseases that can cause irreparable damage to your tree. During the winter, these pests and the diseases that they carry are dead or dormant, allowing your tree to fully heal and start a healthy growth cycle in the spring. 


It’s easier to trim your trees when they are naked!


If you are doing it yourself, trimming your trees usually occurs to you during the warmer months when you want to be outside enjoying the weather. However, if you’ve tried this before, you are likely familiar with the frustration of being slapped around by branches while you wrestle through the leaves looking for the right places to trim. Trees lose their leaves during the winter, making it easy to identify and access all of the branches that you need to cut back. If you are hiring a professional for this job, it will take them longer and could cost you more if done during the warmer months when trees are covered in leaves.


Trimming your trees in the winter enables them to get the most out of their growth in the spring, keeps them healthy and disease-free, and makes it easy for professionals to access the necessary branches. If you want the best for your trees and your wallet, you need to get in touch with the professionals.