We all expect autumn every year and the trees in your yard will begin to change their shade and leaves will fall to the ground. Although fall is not the high time for tree care, it will not hurt to give your trees the right care to ensure that your trees will be in good health all year round. As an expert would say, having a tree doesn’t stop by planting it properly, cause as time goes by, you also need to take care as it grows. 


With Joe’s Valdosta Tree Service, they would really help you to do proper ways of taking care of your trees most especially during the autumn season. There are things to consider during autumn, so if you want your tree to maintain its beauty and health, follow these simple, yet useful tips to care for your trees in the fall.


  1. Don’t Prune Too Soon


A lot of people mindlessly trim their trees during autumn. But the truth is, fall is not an ideal time to prune your tree because it can be vulnerable to infection due to the injury caused by pruning. Also, pruning your tree in the early fall can encourage new growth, but the cold season can harm these new buds.

Don’t prune your tree until its leaves have fallen. If you weren’t able to prune your tree in late fall, you could do so in late winter or early spring just before the new buds break.


  1. Mulch


Once you are done with deep watering, apply mulch around the base of the tree. Do not overcrowd the trunk because it can result from decaying. The mulch will act as insulation and keep the temperature of the soil warm. It can also be a natural fertilizer as it eventually breaks down and packs nutrients into the ground.


  1. Deep Water


During autumn, you should keep your watering schedule at a minimum. You have done enough watering in the spring and summer which helped strengthen the tree for the coming cold season. When trees have lost their leaves in the late fall, that is the time that you should deep water both young and mature trees.


When deep watering, you should apply water along the circle of soil in the outer areas of the tree’s canopy. This is the part of the roots where they absorb most water. Keep watering until the soil is moist. Deep watering will make sure that your tree has all the moisture it needs to battle the cold weather.


  1. Wrap Young Trunks


Wrapping trees are particularly important for young trees. Using plastic, wrap your tree’s trunk to protect it from animals that can devour their bark in the cold season. Always begin at the bottom and insert the plastic into the soil. You should wrap the tree from the ground going to the trunk while securing the layers that don’t overlap.


  1. Rake Leaves Early and Often 


What many homeowners do not know is that raking leaves don’t only keep their yard clean, but it can also protect their trees from infection. Those fallen trees could be home of fungi during winter and affect the tree when spring arrives. This can lead to different types of diseases including anthracnose. By getting rid of these infected leaves, you can make sure your tree is far from deadly diseases.