Fallen trees are not just an eyesore, but can also be a potential fire hazard, especially during the hot season. Furthermore, trees that are just halfway fallen can be dangerous since they are at the risk of falling completely. Deciding on DIY-ing fallen tree removal can be tricky, especially if you don’t have prior experience of cutting or pruning trees. 


Fallen trees should be removed as soon as possible so as to prevent any further damage. These steps should help you tackle any fallen tree safely with minimal effort. You should seriously consider hiring a professional tree removal service to take care of the job. 


Begin Chopping From the Top


Once you are convinced that the tree is not entangled in any power lines or resting on an unseen obstruction, you may begin chopping it up in chunks. Begin from the top of the tree, towards the crown to separate the branches. Work your way down the trunk, till you have completely stripped off all branches.


Safety First


You need to make the area around the tree absolutely safe. Look for power lines where branches may have gotten entangled. Also, keep an eye out for damaged wires that may pose a security threat. It is possible for a fallen tree to be resting precariously on an unseen obstruction. Make sure all these obstructions are removed and you have a safe and clean working area.


Divide into Slices


The next step is to divide the chopped portions into slices. These should be in manageable sizes. The slices must get narrower as you get closer to the trunk. Chainsaws with a 20-inch bar are the best tool to cut a tree into slices. Make sure you use necessary safety measures, like safety glasses and leg protection to avoid injuries.


Wood Disposal


You can dispose of chopped wood in a number of ways. If the wood is nice and dry, you can always save it for firewood. However, make sure that you store it correctly. You can see if your local municipality will pick up wood debris, including smaller sized dead branches, with special recycling units or trash collection.


Most cities have ordinances in a place where removal of a tree is concerned, whether it is fallen or not. It is important that you speak with your municipality about permits.