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Trees can cause a lot of damage, so we know just how important it is to handle them with care. Our team of experts will make it a top priority to take care of you and your yard with absolute confidence and care. The trees may be giant, but we are gentle.



 If you’re like us, then you’re probably sick and tired of hiring “professionals” to come into your house or your yard and then they leave a trail of debris and a pile of mess. The thing is, these aren’t real “professionals”. These are guys with a trade who want to rip you off a few dollars doing some handy work for you. The professionals at T’s Valdosta Tree Services were raised just like your grandma likes- kind, polite, and respectful. We will respect your home, business, and yard and treat is as if it were our own.



We know just as well as you do that there are a lot of tree service companies who claim they can handle specialty and odd-ball jobs. Whether you need tree service or tree trimming, we have you covered at your home or business. We are equipped to handle residential and commercial jobs of various sizes.



No one likes unexpected bills or charges. At T’s Valdosta Tree Services, we provide fair pricing for our services and we pride ourselves in our quick response times. You will be glad you hired our team of professionals to take care of your mother nature problems. Give us a call at 229-702-1084 for a free estimate today.

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Why do trees make the worst frenemies? Because they’re good at throwing shade. If you’re looking for a tree removal company in Valdosta GA, you’re in the right place. We know there are a lot of other tree service companies who claim to be tree service and tree removal “experts”, however, there we are equipped for any task you throw our way. We will go above and beyond to help you with any tree service, tree removal, or tree trimming projects you may have and we will make sure your shrubs, trees, and stumps are taken care of properly and professionally. You’re hiring a professional tree company for a reason because you want to be able to rest easy at night knowing your tree service project was serviced by an arborist who understands all aspects of proper tree service, tree removal, and tree trimming. Our professionals are experienced to handle any kind of situation you throw at them.  When you hire T’s Valdosta Tree Service for the job, you are hiring hands down, the best tree removal company in town.


You think the last tree guys you hired were great? Just wait until you see our work first-hand. We provide top of the line commercial tree services for a variety of organizations throughout South Georgia and help clients manage and maintain the value of their tree and landscape assets. Listen, we get it. You want to make a great first impression for customers and enhance your curb appeal for tenants and residents. Or maybe you want to update your property to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for your employees? Either way, T’s Valdosta Tree Services will make sure your trees are well maintained and assessed for any safety risks. So you’re probably thinking this is just a one-time quick tree removal gig, right? Wrong. We always follow up on our work and we treat every tree and property that we help maintain as if it were our own. We take extreme pride in being Valdosta’s premier tree service company.




From a simple cut down to one that requires calculated efforts so that no damage occurs to surrounding property, or your beautifully manicured lawn, we’ve got the guys on hand to perform the job with skill.


A landscape that’s well maintained by T’s Valdosta Tree Service is an attractive and inviting one. Let our experienced tree shapers come out and make yours look like they’re straight out of a Hollywood film set.


We offer complete stump grinding. It can be a challenge removing stumps. Have us come give you a hand. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


We take emergency situations serious. Our first priority is to rid the area of any potentially hazardous debris and establish a safe area. Then we work to safely remove the fallen tree(s) limb by limb.

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